“Gazprom” will buy at TMK pipe 21 billion

«Газпром» закупит у ТМК труб на 21 млрд рублей

PJSC “pipe metallurgical company” (TMK) of Dmitry Pumpyansky directly will supply Gazprom with pipes of the big diameter (TBD) for RUB 21 billion, according to sources in the industry.

We are talking about supply conditions on the procurement from a single supplier 255 000 t of biodiesel fuel on 21,447 billion rubles until April 2020 Pipe can be used to expand the main gas pipeline Sakhalin – Khabarovsk – Vladivostok.

In July, Gazprom announced the cancellation of five open calls for proposals for the supply of LDPs for a gas pipeline Sakhalin – Khabarovsk – Vladivostok, and then the purchase price was higher – 22,684 billion RUB over 255 000 t of biodiesel fuel.

October 15, Gazprom was forced to close five more tenders for the purchase of biodiesel fuel have a different pipe mills. Nearly 602 000 t of products of the largest Russian consumer of LDP was willing to pay 47,4 billion rubles, but the largest pipe producers to participate in the contest on the proposed terms refused. The price of the contracts proposed by “Gazprom”, was inadmissible, explained to the people close to the three pipe producers.