Geely is developing a supersonic train, similar to the hyperloop

Geely разрабатывает сверхзвуковые поезда, похожие на hyperloop

Geely is developing a supersonic train, similar to the hyperloop.

Company Geely signed an agreement with Chinese company aerospace science industry Corporation to begin development of supersonic trains, which are similar to those on which they had been planning to work on Elon Musk.

It is planned to create magnetic levitation to air resistance is decreased, whereby it is possible to achieve hypersonic mode of transportation.

The company claim that the developed system will be able to run trains, which in turn will be able to move at crazy speeds(1000 miles per hour), also examines the technology that will be able to see that the train of the future will be able to move at a speed of 4,000 kilometers per hour. Engineers of China’s plan to build a comprehensive transport network of hypersonic trains.

As reported by Geely and Casic high-speed trains can become a reality.

“Technologies developed in the framework of supersonic trains will help Geely holding to promote the field of new energy vehicles, automobile safety and new material science”.

The proposed system is very similar to the system Hyperpaths, which was developed in the United States.

The system also uses tube magnetic levitation and vacuum, with the ultimate goal of slorenia to the speed of 1,120 miles per hour.