Get an Unforgettable Experience with Your Friends in Escape Hour

Escape Hour is an intellectual entertainment for lovers of vivid emotions and escape games. The doors are closing, minute by minute is inexorably running forward, the objects around are strange and incomprehensible. What they are hiding is unknown. Your task is to find a way out.

An escape room is a computer exit game implemented in real life. No monitors, second chances or passing scenarios. All you have is an enclosed space and goal – to win. Your time is limited. Against you are numerous riddles, combination locks, and secret mechanisms. But it is not a problem as you have a team of like-minded people with you. is a perfect opportunity to experience adventures that previously were available only on a computer screen located in Edmonton. With us, you can try to find the lost jewel of Zanzibar or solve the curse of the evil genie. Our locker room is filled with puzzles, combination locks and secret doors are waiting for you to check your wit, logic, and attentiveness.

The minimum number of players is two, the maximum is four, and the result of the game depends on how you act. But it is not as easy as it seems. On the way, players have quite a lot of obstacles, which can be overcome by intuition and the help of friends.

Good luck!

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