Google Chrome 71 will block all ads on suspicious sites

Браузер Google Chrome 71 будет блокировать всю рекламу на подозрительных сайтах

In the new version of Google Chrome browser 71, the release of which is expected in December, will block malicious or fraudulent advertising. In this case, if the site has found such content, the browser will block all ads on the site, without exception.

Basically, the tool aims to solve the problem of annoying and unwanted ads. Often such methods are used by scammers or used in case of phishing attacks aimed at stealing personal data. It is noted that after blocking the site owners will have 30 days to appeal.

The developers cite some examples of unacceptable ads:

  • ad units with dummy buttons closure, which covers part of the content. Instead the closure can open or link the new window with its advertising;
  • blocks that encourage clicks fraudulently. This can be advertising, which copies the visual form system dialogs, alerts or notifications;
  • blocks that do not meet the stated behavior. For example, this advertisement, which offers to install the application;
  • advertising which simulates a dummy input form, thereby trying to force the user to enter personal data;
  • advertising with code to automatically redirect to other pages without explicit action by the user;
  • display a dummy cursor mouse to attract the user to click on ad units;
  • use a transparent background, invisible elements or other areas, click on which leads to the appearance of advertising, or move to another page;
  • advertising or page elements that promote or refer to or imposed by malicious software;
  • advertise nonexistent or fake brands.