Guy Ouellette promises to track down the UPAC

Guy Ouellette promet de traquer l’UPAC

Photo: Jacques Boissinot The canadian Press
UPAC suspected Guy Ouellette to be the source of leaks to media about the investigation of former important figures of the liberal Party of Quebec.

The mna Guy Ouellette has not finished with the Unité permanente anticorruption (UPAC). He warned, on Tuesday afternoon, the acting commissioner, Frederick Gaudreau, have several questions to ask him on the governance of the police. But not immediately, he said.

“I réserverai all my questions of governance. I’m already doing the announcement, to Madam the Minister [of public Safety, Genevieve Guilbault :] to the study of the credits, there will be talk of governance at the UPAC “, launched the elected independent of Chomedey during consultations on the draft law 1 the Parliament on Tuesday.

Like the Sûreté du Québec (SQ) and the Director of criminal and penal prosecutions (DPCP), the UPAC was invited to deliver the substance of his thought on the willingness of the government caquiste be approved by at least two-thirds of the 125 elected members of the national Assembly the appointment of the next great patrons of the SQ, the DPCP and the UPAC.

Bound by a duty of reserve, Mr. Gaudreau said with the lips does “not [be] against” a review of the process of appointment of the commissioner of the UPAC to the extent that it restores the trust of the population towards the police.

Mr. Ouellette had the opportunity to ask Mr. Gaudreau on the bill 1. It is rather busy to remind him of the “mandate” of the Commission des institutions of the national Assembly —which he chaired from September 2015 until his arrest by UPAC two years and change later. “Each time the Commission has been received by the commissioner […] it has always been, to question, either on the work climate or the governance of the unit, knowing full well that the investigations, it must remain to you, it must remain confidential to you. And it’s going to be like that again today, ” he insisted, staring representatives of UPAC.

Listen to the mp Guy Ouelette to the Commission of institutions

Guy Ouellette was arrested, and then extensively interrogated, October 25, 2017, after having been baited in the parking lot of Tim Hortons in Laurier-Station. UPAC suspected to be the source of leaks to media about the investigation of former important figures of the liberal Party of Quebec, including the ex-prime minister Jean Charest. He has never been accused.


Despite his troubles, the former police officer said Tuesday, worrying about the governance of the UPAC. Moreover, it intends to ask the commissioner on that next spring. “The proper forum will be the study of credits [vested in the department of public Safety]. And there are other ways to make you come back before the Commission des institutions, to talk of governance “, he mentioned to Mr. Gaudreau and his accomplices. The chosen independent party has not wanted to say more, even if it had a few extra minutes : courtesy of the mp solidarity Alexandre Leduc, who had not exhausted his speaking time. “I do not make this fun, there, today “, was launched, off the record, Mr. Ouellette to the commissioner of the UPAC, while pointing to the journalists behind him.

Guy Ouellette promet de traquer l’UPAC

Photo: Jacques Boissinot The canadian Press
Frédéric Gaudreau

Have you found it curious that Mr. Ouellette speaks to you ? asked The Duty to Mr. Gaudreau. “Thank you, I will not answer this question “, he replied while being pulled toward the exit of the hotel of the Parliament by his press secretary.

The exchange between the independent mna Guy Ouellette and the commissioner of UPAC was held a few hours after the testimony of the law professor Martine Valois. “Public confidence in the independence of our institutions is strengthened when the political representatives do not undermine this independence and to supporting the public institutions “, has she supported during its passage. “I don’t think this is what we have witnessed in the last three years. “


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