“Had a seizure”: the Threat of divorce caused Galkin Pugacheva preinfarction angina.

«Хватил приступ»: Угроза развода с Галкиным вызвала у Пугачевой предынфарктное состояние - соцсети

The family of Donna all die from a heart attack after 60 years and the fans are afraid that the wave of change maxima, as well as the risk of losing children from Alla the problems started with the heart.

Personal life of Alla Pugacheva at all times aroused interest in the society. And not just because in addition to talent and penchant for outrageous Diva was famous for the saying, varying in its best years men like a glove. The demand for the details of the relations of the singer with close high today, but now 69-year-old star, as I think the social network, is already in a slightly different position where it can exchange for someone else.

In particular, the fans in Instagram Pugacheva has paid attention to a strange movie, where little children Lisa and Harry tell you about that soon fly away from mom. Fans have secretaries and decided that the marriage of Pugacheva and Maxim Galkin “bursting at the seams.” Moreover, a number of fans turned to the old rumors that the husband of the prima Donna has homosexual tendencies and has decided that he has found a partner abroad. Following this, information appeared about the sudden deterioration of health Pugacheva. “The woman who sings”, suddenly refused to sing a duet with Leonid Agutin, although the preparations have lasted for a long time. Star apologized and stated that suddenly felt ill.

Not so long ago fans warned Alla Borisovna about the dangers of games with their health. As you know, both parents of the singer and her brother died after 60 years from heart attacks, in this connection, the web talking about the bad heredity of the prima Donna. Sooner or later, the legendary artist will start heart problems, and the fans came to the conclusion that the health Pugacheva has already buckled on the background of family strife. Some bad news caused her preinfarction angina, according to users.

The social network, discussing the latest news about the singer, came to the conclusion that Alla Borisovna “had a seizure”, and the reason was the threat of divorce with Maxim Galkin. Maybe fans think their relationship is already resolved not in favor of Pugacheva, and that was cause for great excitement. It is the fear to be alone in old age and the fear of losing the children, who began to 69-year-old once popular actress meaning of all life, gave Diva a major upheaval and preinfarction angina, according to the network.