Harley-Davidson produced their first motorcycle

Harley-Davidson выпустил свой первый электромотоцикл

The wolves syt, and the sheep are safe!

I love motorcycles, but worried about the environment? In Harley-Davidson found a way out!

American motorcycle manufacturer Harley-Davidson introduced its first motorcycle – the LiveWire at the exhibition in Milan, says the company website.

Sales model will start in 2019 in North America and Europe.

Motorcycle LiveWire has seven different operating modes and sensor system, which allows you to control your music and using Bluetooth.

The bike is also equipped with an on-Board charger. It allows you to charge LiveWire through most standard household outlets.

The power of the LiveWire concept was 74 horsepower, and the batteries provided a range of 85 kilometers, with a minimum charge of 3.5 hours.

And do you like this model? Us – very!

Marta Oliynyk.