Horoscope for the week from 19 to 25 November for all zodiac signs

Гороскоп на неделю с 19 по 25 ноября для всех знаков зодиака

What awaits you this week, read the horoscope for each zodiac sign.


Now you will quickly find a common language with everyone. But that is no reason to spend so much precious time talking. Life their characters will help you another angle to look at own problems and aspirations, and then to the world.

  • Love. You need romance and touching care.
  • Health. Should develop flexibility and strengthen muscles.
  • Finance. The right decisions will come.


There may be situations in which you try to ruffle, and then cheat. Try it, no matter what, stay calm and reasonable. Although it will be difficult to cope with them in such moments. Relatives do not leave alone with problems.

  • Love. Irritability will not lead to anything good.
  • Health. From time to time need solitude to gather strength and to restore the energy potential.
  • Finance. Better not to risk – the expected profit it will bring.


To do this, is to prioritize. The main obstacle to the successful implementation of the plan can become shyness. The main thing – to believe in themselves. And then the task will not seem too difficult.

  • Love. Marital relationship will go smoothly into a new phase appears common.
  • Health. It is possible that you will bother your teeth. The specialist there quickly and just as quickly will help you.
  • Finance. Sufficient funds for all current expenses.

Some time will have to keep a distance with others and to care more about yourself. The problem is the following: you find it difficult to distinguish true kindness from pretense. If you suddenly find that out of the situation yet, is just to quietly observe what is happening. Will be relevant to the subject of children and health.

  • Love. High probability that a new acquaintance will not be successful.
  • Health. You should pay attention on the liver. Possible problems.
  • Finance. It will be necessary to assess their capabilities.

There is a period of self-affirmation. But this week will be quiet, without shocks, and bad news. Should do to put in order documents. To your surprise, you will find something you have been looking for. The weekend will have to solve many everyday problems.

  • Love. Partner is quite taken with you.
  • Health. A foot massage will help to relieve accumulated tension and improve blood circulation.
  • Finance. Good luck accompanies you.


Moon phases this week will make you finish old business, perhaps already rather overexposed, and a smooth transition to understanding is made. It is a good idea to “work on the bugs” before you start implementing something new.

  • Love. In your personal life will change.
  • Health. Can worsen chronic diseases, in particular joints.
  • Finance. The bustle will be a lot of profit – a little.


There will be a chance to build credibility and expand influence. Many will be able to negotiate a mutually beneficial partnership, but the initiative will belong to until the opposing party. When communicating with loved ones will have the feeling that you speak different languages.

  • Love. It will be difficult to hear each other, and especially to concede.
  • Health. The body in good shape, activity will increase, mood will improve.
  • Finance. It’s long-awaited time when you return the old debts.


So many different events that require direct participation that may simply not be enough time for previously scheduled business. Unfortunately, you will have to make a difficult choice what is more important: family or career.

  • Love. Relationship with a spouse or loved one will be difficult.
  • Health. You need to keep an eye on the condition of the digestive system and to understand the cause of discomfort.
  • Finance. Any incidental expenditure on family needs.


Earlier in the week, sincerely wanting to make everything better, can be confusing and to output to is not something to aspire to. Most importantly, do not go to a stranger monastery with its Charter. If you internalize this truth, you will avoid the next blow on the forehead with the same rake.

  • Love. Trust your partner will save you from quarrels over trifles.
  • Health. Can start food Allergy. It is necessary to establish the cause of the problem.
  • Finance. Luck will accompany in the search for a new job and new sources of income.


Willing to take up the role of mediator in arguments with friends and official negotiations. Week could be a turning point in the further career growth. Will come to you well-deserved recognition – and it’s not just work. Upgrading is possible in all spheres of life.

  • Love. Despite the fall, in your soul flowers bloom and the nightingales sing.
  • Health. If you feel unwell, should immediately contact the doctor and not to self-medicate, losing precious time.
  • Finance. The period is favorable for obtaining the expected result or finding direct routes to it.


Will have to do many things at once. Possible UPS and unexpected changes in the situation. At some point, even may panic from the increased load, which themselves will create. Long trips it is better to move – they can be unsuccessful.

  • Love. New acquaintances can turn into friendships, and then in a close relationship.
  • Health. If there are problems with the cardiovascular system, it is necessary to reduce the load.
  • Finance. It is not advisable to make major purchases and long-term investments.


Expected a fairly quiet period. Try to return good for good, to be open and sincere, but do not succumb to provocations, to correctly assess both words and actions. You’ll need the support of friends and human interaction.

  • Love. The unpredictability of the behavior of a partner can wreak havoc in personal relationships.
  • Health. Everything will be OK, any beneficial water treatments.
  • Finance. In this matter, trust your instincts.