How to identify a karmic relationship men and women by date of birth

Как определить кармическую связь мужчины и женщины по дате рождения

Each person has the chance to meet your soul mate. However, it is believed that such fateful encounters can be dangerous and even lead to unpleasant consequences. We should not exclude that familiarity with a potential life partner may be coincidental: maybe you had to see him in a past life. In order to recognize a karmic relationship, you will need only to know the date of birth of your partner, according to dailyhoro.

Signs karmic relationships

According to the laws of the Universe, no meeting in our lives happens by chance. Before determining karmic connection by birth date, you can pay attention to the signs indicating it. Perhaps with their help, you will be able to understand that your partner is not just a soul mate, and the messenger of fate.

  • Known him her whole life. If you are with a man binds karmic connection, first you will have to have the feeling that you know him for a long time. Sometimes you may feel that you are familiar with all its habits, preferences, so you can literally understand each other perfectly.
  • The sudden familiarity. Perhaps, for a few minutes before you met you didn’t guess that already after a couple of minutes you have to meet a life partner or best friend. To some it may seem strange, but sometimes a coincidence is not a simple coincidence.
  • You are drawn to each other with great force. If you have no day can not live without a man, perhaps you are trapped in a karmic relationship. This attraction is very difficult to explain, but if even a short separation drives you crazy, then there is reason to think.
  • The rapid development of relations. Sometimes beloved, rejoice when their relations are developing with great speed. Many of them erroneously think that the reason for this rapid development is a strong love. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. In some cases, this may mean that you become a hostage of karmic relations.
  • Drastic changes in life. Yesterday you had not even thought about changing residence, and today a new friend changed your life and you are ready to follow him to the edge of the world. Do not succumb to emotions: before deciding on such changes, you should think all is well. If the karmic relationship go too far, to get rid of them will be much harder.
  • Disease and ailments. If after meeting with the person you have become sick more often and suffer from emotional experiences, there is a chance that you have become part of karmic relations. In this case, destructive relationship should break immediately, otherwise the consequences could be dire.
  • Relationships make you suffer. Due to constant quarrels and disputes, you find it hard to be with this man, but much more difficult to imagine life without him. The problem is that to break the karmic connection is very difficult, but it must be done. If your current relationship makes you suffer, it is necessary to overcome itself and to take the first step to rupture.
  • A relationship is like a script. If you frequently communicate with someone using cues from the books, TV series or movies – this is a clear indication that your relationship is going according to the script. In most cases, this means that your relationship karma.
  • You often see a man in a dream. If a loved one you dream about occasionally, it’s no big deal. If he visited your dreams, your relationship with him can be dangerous both for him and for you.
  • Addicted to love. Itself love addiction is a disease. If you are literally dependent on the person and suffer during his absence, first you need to go to a psychologist. If visits to the specialist did not yield a positive result may cause of addiction is karmic connection.

How to identify a karmic relationship by date of birth

Identifying karmic relationship with date of birth, you will be able to once again confirm that you are near the person you have ever met. For calculations you should use your date of birth.

For example, your date of birth – 15.08.1982, your loved one – 22.05.1987.

To sum up all the numbers – 1+5+0+8+1+9+8+2+2+2+0+5+1+9+8+7=68.

You only need the last digit, with which you will be able to know the result.

0 – the number suggests that your couple has no future together.

1 – these relationships are mainly confined to passion, but karma has nothing to do with them. As soon as the feelings begin to fade, love will cease to exist.

2 – once you have had to meet in the past, and your love was strong. However, in this life the connection between you is unlikely to lead to a good result.

3 – in such a Union chief is a woman. If a man can accept it, then the relationship can last.

4 – karmic connection in such a relationship exists, but it is very weak. Therefore, partners are in no danger.

5 – a strong spiritual and karmic relationship, where people are attracted to each other. These relationships can survive for a long time.

6 is a dangerous number. It means that in the past partners were very close, but one of them died early, forcing the other to suffer. Relationships can be long and painful.

7 – a happy marriage. Number seven promises partners a long and happy life together.

8 in numerology this number is considered a symbol of infinity. It suggests that the partners met in a previous life and will meet in the future.

9 – karmic connection is missing, so the duration of the relationship depends on the partners.