Humiliated and starved: Rita Dakota have discovered the secret of “factory of stars”

Унижали и морили голодом: Рита Дакота раскрыла тайны «Фабрики звезд»

The singer says that such inhuman conditions in which you have to survive the project participants, can be compared only with the prison.

Rita Dakota decided to share with the audience with new revelations. This time she uncovered the secrets of the “star Factory”, which was attended when she was 17 years old.

As admitted the singer, betrayal, and the subsequent breakup with Vlad Sokolovsky is not the most serious shock in her life. Much more difficult it was to cope with the trials that befell her in the “Factory of stars”, which she still recalls with a shudder.

Project Dakota calls this the prison in which the participants were humiliated, broke their psyche and starved. Personally she was not allowed to mourn the dead grandfather under threat of departure from the project. In addition, she had to bear the insults. She explained that she was no more than cannon fodder and nothing, which at any moment can be on the street.

But bullying is practiced not only by the organizers. Between the project participants was worse. For example, she handed one of the participants that the song she was rehearsing, I decided to replace that has led to the fact that she got to sing one, and the band played completely different. And Rita says that everything in the “Factory of stars” with lies and cynicism, and nothing real there.

Now, the singer life is normal. She is happy with her new lover and was determined to release soon two new album.