Hundreds of positions enhanced or created at CIUSSS

The president and CEO of the Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean CIUSSS, Julie Labbe, said she made it a priority. It is therefore with pleasure that she announced the raising and creation of 500 positions in the network on Wednesday, part of which will be at zero cost due to the heavy budgetary impact currently generated by the compulsory overtime and the insurance salary.

This is what she confirmed during an interview with the Daily in his office of the CIUSSS headquarters.

“I am able to announce that we have completed the expected enhancement in relation to the established target. For category 1 staff, nurses, assistant nurses and respiratory therapists, we are talking about 300 positions, where there is enhancement and creation. For category 2, it is our staff of beneficiary attendants in particular, and our tradespeople and our food and hygiene workers, and we are talking about 190 upgraded or created positions. For category 3, which is our administrative and technical staff, there will be creation and enhancement of 20 positions. We only have one category, the APTS (Alliance of Professional and Technical Personnel), with whom we just signed the local collective agreement last week. So the enhancement will be coming next fall.

Increasing a position amounts to turning a part-time position into a full-time position, assuming that hours were already granted on the floor, but not to permanent employees.

“We hope to have a positive impact on the reduction of overtime, mandatory overtime and salary insurance. So this is a first step that we have just taken. For us, this is great news and it will continue, “she said, saying there was no recourse to private agencies in the region.

With the hours already granted, Julie Labbe thinks the announcement will have little financial impact on her network. “What we are evaluating is that we have received the budget letter and I will be able to confirm at the end of May what it will have as an impact on the budget. Obviously, I capitalize on the fact that we broke records on salary insurance, which is close to 9%. So it should have a positive impact on salary insurance and overtime. (…) There is a part that will be at zero cost and a part where there will surely be some reinvestment that has been announced by the department and that we think we can join, but I wait for my last parameters . (…) It’s my belief as CEO, that we need to stabilize our organization,

She went on to say that the reduction in the number of unions had made work easier. She also believes that the new working conditions will help attract young people to hospitals. “As part of the merger, there were 34 collective agreements on the territory of Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean, we went to four. It comes to meet a need on the ground that will allow us to create retention in our staff, because there we open full-time positions, make sure we have a better attraction to come and work in our organization and stabilize the work teams. We also talk about work-family balance and schedules given in advance, so that will surely attract new workers, “she said.

Julie Labbé believes that she is moving in the same direction as the new Minister of Health, Danielle McCann, who also said that reducing overtime was a priority. However, it did not want to compare the new approach to that of the previous Liberal government, where, from the outside, there seemed to be some more direct management by Minister Gaétan Barrette. “We are a region that has always worked with the ministry,” she said.

As recently as April 3, members of the FIQ-Union of Care Professionals of Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean had come to a meeting of the Board of Directors in Roberval to ask to respect the collective agreements and the agreement on the 300 positions to be upgraded. It is with joy that President Julie Bouchard welcomed the announcement of the CEO of CIUSSS.

“This is the request we had and it was what was heard with the signing of the collective agreement last June. We are very happy. ”

“Finally, finally, the employer has made the necessary efforts to get there. So we’re really happy it’s over, “she said on the phone.

The union president believes that the positive result is partly due to pressure from its members in recent months.

She was also pleased to know that there would be no additional demand for mobility in the new posts.

This was confirmed earlier by Alexandre Boivin, Director of Human Resources, Communications and Legal Affairs.

“When we first presented, we had discussions with them to look at the possibilities of going further, to have more latitude. As a result of the reflection we made, we were finally able to not go ahead with these measures, “he said, during the interview with Julie Labbé.

Happy also to the CSN

On the side of the Syndicat du personnel paratechnique, ancillary and health and social services of Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean (CSN), it was also time for celebration.

“The addition of these new resources will concretely result in the addition of 120 attendants to beneficiaries every day throughout the Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean territory served by the CIUSSS. These additions will give air and a good hand to these workers who have devoted themselves body and soul for a long time to provide the best possible services to the people of the region. In addition to reducing the workload, the creation of these new positions will make it more attractive to new employees, “said Gaston Langevin, president of the union.

The posts soon posted

According to Alexandre Boivin, positions could be posted soon.

“Given the upcoming summer period, we are looking to the unions to do a good part of the enhancement, so to enhance the positions of people who are already part-time, and that we are able to enhance in time complete before the summer period to make just a first turn of the wheel. ”

“In the second time, possibly to display in June or September, depending on the categories. For the FIQ, among others, there will probably be posting in June, which would allow people to transfer to their post at the end of the summer, “he detailed.

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