Hybrid war and peace: Why the authorities imposed martial law on the fifth year of fighting

Гибридные война и мир: Почему власти ввели военное положение на пятый год боев

More than four years, Russia at war with Ukraine, but called it the ATO, the operation of the joint forces. While Poroshenko and the company refused the imposition of martial law and the transition of the entire country on a war footing. So it was until now.

The brazen attack by the Russian terrorists of the Ukrainian Navy ships in the Black sea left no choice but to prepare for a major war. To do this, Council has adopted a decision to declare martial law. However, not quite normal, not what is written in the law. And such a step could not go without the consent of the allies. The fact that no matter how the President and his team had interpreted the points of the law, with the introduction of martial law any assistance to Ukraine should be frozen. It means failure, therefore, once the position is entered, Kyiv, Ukraine received guarantees of non-termination of cooperation with the IMF and the EU, and with the Pentagon.

It is also worth noting that not to disclose the military situation in the country could not. If 2014 this case was delayed because it was not established nor the relations of the authorities with the world, neither the work on the restoration of the army, now the situation is reversed. In Crimea, the Russians tried to write off all on “little green men” without insignia. Donbas – on “militia”, who found their “Grads” and “Buks” in the mines. Yes, there was shelling of Ukraine from Russian territory, but the Russians are stubbornly denied everything and got away with it. Now, the Ukrainian military attacked regular Russian troops. For the first time the Kremlin has taken such a step in the open.

Therefore, to act Poroshenko had firmly. But the introduction of the EP in prescribed in the Constitution variant is not suitable, since the whole country will be on a war footing. No economic development, no political parties, only the preparation for war and the conduct of full-scale hostilities. It will destroy all the achievements of the current government, as well as multiply by zero all the possible progress of the following years five to ten. So you have to oppose the aggressor with the use of hybrid methods.

Of course, very interesting is the position of some politicians that four years are urged to call the ATO to war and almost declare war with Russia. Now they are talking about trying to delay the elections. Only now, circumstances can develop in two ways. The first is the situation in Kerch at least not exacerbated, and war cancels ahead of time/in 60 days. Take the calendar Yes count what is the date? Will have elections in time to spend?

The second option is much worse: it starts large-scale war, which already does not matter whether Tymoshenko, Zelensky or Vakarchuk to participate in elections. Moreover, you may not even need a mustache and imaginary experiences of a retired Colonel Gritsenko.

One thing is for sure: for the average man yet nothing changes. Every “Newsvine” and “112” will work to misinform the Russian invaders will continue to provoke the soldiers of the APU, the SBU and police will work hard to ensure order and prevent terrorist attacks. Ukrainians have only passport to carry with you, but there is nothing critical there.

As for the situation in the Azov sea, it is unlikely that terrorists will calm down and begin to miss our ships. Most likely, the cause will take, for example, the British, who have offered to escort merchant ships. And what prevents our Ukrainian Navy to go to sea with the Royal Navy? It was hardly the crazed dwarf will begin to crush the British ships.

Because the position of the hybrid to save the situation without large-scale military conflict is possible only so. Not to ignore such antics from the FSB? And so Putin’s message is sent, and the USA with Europe: we don’t give up.

Гибридные война и мир: Почему власти ввели военное положение на пятый год боев

Гибридные война и мир: Почему власти ввели военное положение на пятый год боев

Гибридные война и мир: Почему власти ввели военное положение на пятый год боев