I won’t do lessons in the evenings. And Yes, let me be a bad mother..?

Я не буду делать уроки по вечерам. И да, пусть я буду плохая мать..?


The cry of the soul one “bad” mothers definitely worth it to read:

“…And not only I don’t want to. My daughter does not want to do them in the evenings. And another time we have, in fact, no.

We all know that almost every child after school (and there are 7-8!) going somewhere – clubs, groups, dances or extra classes. Plus time on the road, in the end they come home in the evening. What can we say about parents who come home from work tired.

I’m getting to the plate. We don’t have dinner before 8-9 PM. There would have to allocate time to just chat and get to know how the day went. What to say about that during the week to watch a movie or read a book. But no, you need to sit down and do homework. Otherwise tomorrow again in the diary will be sweeping the inscription “not ready for the lesson”, and I’ll worry about that are not received the child’s attention.

Yes, I’m a bad mother. And my child is already a teenager. She doesn’t want to do homework. And I can’t stand over her head and yelling obscenities good.

Oh, by the way, I work a lot. And I’m tired. And I am ashamed to admit that I don’t remember the math for 8th grade. And I have to throw things in the washing machine, cook buckwheat for tomorrow, and maybe to fry cheese cakes. I also have in the evening I have business, meetings and events. Or I go to the store. Or just want to lie in the bath.

I have a husband. Old grandmother. And two cats who are also waiting for attention. And on weekends we go to the cottage, or participate in dance competitions. Or do the cleaning. It does not matter. I mean that in the evenings I just want to relax.

Yes, I’m a bad mother, whatever you say now many. I’ve given birth to these children, and parenthood is a serious responsibility, and there is nothing to move out.

And I’m working on. Life.

My children were healthy, clothed, shod, studied something else besides the school curriculum, cheerful, went to sea and were my friends.

And so I don’t want in the evenings to do homework. I want children just to talk! Because I don’t think that children is penal servitude for life. I believe that children are a joy. And evening is a time for joy, not for scandal.

I’m still waiting when it will abolish homework, as did many schools in the world. Why not introduce a pair in the first lesson to work on the second practice? Why is it necessary to carry home whole heap of tasks, when this can be done in the classroom? And to understand with a specialist, not long ago forgot the basics of mathematics mother?

Yes, now everything is changing, and life has become more complicated. But the day was not more than 24 hours. And strength and health. And children are different now. Why not take this into account, as did those Finns? Oh Yes, I’m a bad mother.

My child doesn’t want to do homework. And probably, I had not convinced her of the value of this. And how could I do that if I hated them? And always did in school before lessons. However, I was lucky in that I catch on the fly. Well, or ever could be written off.

In General, you can kick me as you like, but I love my daughter, and I feel sorry for her. But in the eyes of society I still a bad mother, and my daughter is lazy. Such us makes our education system.

I have no complaints to the school. In all respects a prosperous school, which I cherish. But they forgot to change the education system, and everything is still as it was when I studied.

Added and removed a few items, changed ideology, stretched the duration of study and all. And no real, not phony reform. Start small. Rebuild the curriculum so that didn’t need home at night (at least on weekdays) to do homework.

To tens of thousands of mothers and fathers to stop fighting in the evenings with their children. And difficult teenagers will be one less reason to revolt. And now you can throw tomatoes.

Anyway because I’m a bad mother…”.

And you’re doing homework with children?

FIA Mont.

Я не буду делать уроки по вечерам. И да, пусть я буду плохая мать..?

Я не буду делать уроки по вечерам. И да, пусть я буду плохая мать..?

Я не буду делать уроки по вечерам. И да, пусть я буду плохая мать..?

Я не буду делать уроки по вечерам. И да, пусть я буду плохая мать..?