If the UK leaves the EU without the agreement of: what is plan “B” was prepared by the country

Если Великобритания выйдет из ЕС без соглашения: какой план "Б" подготовила страна

The UK government has made a secret “plan B” in case the Parliament still vote against the agreement of the country’s exit from the EU as it awaits Prime Minister Theresa may.

Britain does not exclude the possibility of the failure of the transaction Brexit and the Cabinet of Ministers has already sent to Theresa may a decision on how to avoid financial disaster.

The meaning of the proposals of the Ministers is to continue to pay membership dues to the EU until 2021 and to follow the rules of the unit, while avoiding sudden breakage of relationship, when the country will leave the EU.

Then the UK will be able to negotiate with Brussels as a “third country” for two years, which will facilitate agreement on a new agreement on free trade and will help to avoid having to pay the amount for withdrawal from the EU in the amount of 38 billion pounds ($49 billion).

Theresa may noted that this “plan B”, there is no need, however, took this idea positively.

What a Brexit?Is a British exit from the European Union. A referendum on the UK’s membership of the EU was held on 23 June 2016. 51,9% of the citizens who participated in the voting expressed a desire to leave the EU, however, 48.1 percent of voters voted to remain part of the EU.