IFixit made a disassembly of the Mac Mini 2018

IFixit произвела разборку Mac Mini 2018

Last month Apple finally pleased all the fans and lovers of the Mac mini with new iteration – after four long years of expectations, the users received a new version of a portable computer, which can please with its high level of performance and pleasant aesthetics. Of course, employees of the company iFixit, is turned on the analysis of various equipment will not be distracted by the veneer of the device, instead preferring to find out what he has hidden inside. As shown by their recent report, inside the device, the user will find a really clever system very much in the spirit of Apple.

The fact that the staff of iFixit will first seek to understand the question of how easy it is to produce independent fix one or the other parsing unit. In the case of the Mac mini, this task is difficult enough, but not because mini-PC hides some special tricks in terms of protection – simply the components therein are stacked so that they are difficult to tear off from the Board.

At first, the experts were faced with a small problem removing the cover – she was beyond tight enough, because it is bolted by six heavy-duty bolts TR6 TORx from Apple. Further, they found that most of the components are placed on one logic Board. And if you replace the RAM yourself is still possible – you just need to push the metal bar with all the other components including the SSD and processor will have to sweat. They is built into the logic Board, so that their self-replacement by the looks unrealistic – at least for most users.

Thus, Apple has really tried to create a device that can’t be hacked or modified by the user – which in principle is quite a traditional approach with her. On the other hand, one would expect something more flexible and interesting in terms of engineering solutions and technologies. It remains to wait for subsequent news on showdown new Apple technology.

IFixit произвела разборку Mac Mini 2018

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