Immigration: “The business must be in French”

Immigration: «Les affaires doivent se faire en français»

Photo: Jacques Nadeau Le Devoir
Quebec offers since Thursday, a “visa “start-up””.

The opposition parties felt that the government Couillard does not adopt the right approach with the new ” visa “start-up “, but for different reasons.

While the Parti québécois (PQ) estimates that immigrant entrepreneurs should learn French before immigrating, the Coalition avenir Québec (CAQ) is in agreement with the fact to welcome non-French-speaking, in a condition to make their francization mandatory later. For its part, Québec solidaire simply does not see the usefulness of the program.

Since Thursday, one of the components of the “program entrepreneurs” reformed by the government Couillard allows foreign entrepreneurs associated with an accelerator, an incubator or a university center of entrepreneurship to immigrate to Québec to develop their start-up company.

The admission criteria of the ” visa “start-up” ensure that a non-francophone can qualify without penalty.

Quebec argued that the contractors will be escorted after their arrival to foster their sustainability, in French, in Québec “, while players in the ecosystem start-up in québec underscore the need to open the door to non-francophones to attract the best entrepreneurs and to compete with other major canadian cities such as Toronto or Vancouver.

Knowledge required

The PQ, the spokesman on immigration and diversity, Catherine Fournier, argues that the foreign entrepreneurs who wish to immigrate to Quebec but do not speak French should learn it by taking courses prior to their arrival.

“Our proposal is that knowledge of French would be a prerequisite to obtaining a Québec selection certificate [document required to make an application for permanent residence to the federal government] because we consider that it is always a condition of successful integration in Quebec to speak French before arriving. “

“When one considers that in Quebec, the business must be in French, I think it is just coherent to ask that the people who come here to create companies to be able to have at least a knowledge of the language,” she adds.

Francization mandatory

On the side of the CAQ, the member for Borduas and spokesperson in the field of justice, Simon Jolin-Barrette, believes that Quebec should open the door for the non-French-speaking ‘to pick the best candidates possible,” while making the French language mandatory.

“The liberals have supported candidates who do not speak French, but they have not succeeded in translating because the francization programs are not suitable,” he said. What we want to do is require immigrants to frenchify, providing more resources for immigrants and businesses. “

The CAQ proposes to lower from 50 000 to 40 000 the number of immigrants welcomed each year — “temporary and transitional” — in order to improve the integration and francization. A settler who fail a test of knowledge of French after three years could not obtain the certificate necessary to complete his application for permanent residence in Ottawa.

Two categories of immigrants

In Québec solidaire co-spokesperson Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois believes the new visa start-up ” creates two categories of immigrants.

“I don’t understand why you would say, for example, a nurse african who wishes to immigrate to Quebec : “Go-you are a start-up, it’s going to be easier if you don’t speak French.” I don’t understand the logic behind it. “

“We can’t do programs the room like that. It should be a more general reflection and especially of the real-world measurements to enable the integration of newcomers to Quebec, ” he said. Because on that plan, the liberals, it is a total failure. “