“In a loud voice”: creative evening of Igor Nikolaeva

PHOTO : MIR / Igor Medvedev


“Loud” and the whole world singing the show on the TV channel MIR 24. Yesterday there was another concert. He was ordained to the work of Igor Nikolaev. For young singers experienced correspondent Anna Bazaikina.

“It was terrible, but when you go out, everything goes”, – said the participant of the show from Armenia.

The trio from Armenia, opened the concert, so I worried more all all. Master Margarita Pozoyan satisfied.

“I honestly sat there, not particularly worried even a little bit rested. I was nervous, made mistakes in rehearsals. Today, of course, a big leap in their professional level,” said Pozoyan.

And when were angelina Lomako from Belarus all the excitement, it seems, took the parents.

“She did what had to be done. Now made as well. Did all the soul, all is as it should be,” says the mother of the young singer.

“Tajiks have music in the blood, but if it will be a victory, it’ll be super. We love you Tajikistan”, – said the participant from Tajikistan.

Soloist from Tajikistan just couldn’t be bad. After all, the team came to support the winner of last season, in a loud voice Amal Khafizova.

“Today we came to support these wonderful guys. I’m just amazed that here’s some guys that represent Tajikistan. I’m sure that some of them bring the trophy home,” says Amal.

Vadim, Tsagareishvili behind the scenes called the icing on the cake. Performed last and was all heart.

“We have your son do not know. We just stand there, here are my eyes such a look, do not know,” admitted team member Georgia.

Nikolaev presentation by Vadim too much. He awarded him the highest score. Well, after the concert was presented by the composer with the gifts, and he shared his impressions.

“(Georgia gives wine). Thank you very much. OOO, what can a man give! (Communicates with the participant from Moldova). I said, when you sang about Sakhalin, have you thought about Moldova. Well done, we’re all from small towns come to Moscow, to new York,” said the Maestro.

“It was hard for me to write this song, Igor Krutoy wrote the music, and couldn’t get a feel for what its like for the children from orphanages. Cool showed me the children’s letters, begging to be taken away from the orphanage and what they argue. It is simply impossible to read goosebumps,” commented the composer, performance artist from Belarus.

Who was the best in this concert, remains a intrigue. Mentors and Lena arifulina declare his / her points in a week.