In Budapest protesting against labor law changes

В Будапеште протестуют против изменений трудового законодательства

In the Hungarian capital Budapest on Saturday, 8 December, hosted protests against the authorities ‘ intention to amend the labour legislation to increase the number of overtime hours per year from the current 250 to 400.

The bill provides that employers can be guaranteed to assign overtime to 250 hours per year each employee. The government is convinced that visitors will be able to make more money at the same time citizens believe that this bill leads to abuses by employers.

The organizers of the protests were the trade unions and the opposition parties. The Hungarian Confederation of trade unions (MASZSZ) requires the abolition of the bill.

“In Hungary we are carrying a heavy load on your shoulders and get over it the lowest wages in Europe”, – said the Chairman of MASZSZ Laszlo Cards, the Agency dpa.