In China appeared cyberjournalist

В Китае появился кибержурналист

In China at the world conference on Internet governance presented a unique broadcaster. To be broadcast it can all day, it doesn’t need the salary and don’t need a vacation. Cyberjournalist created on the basis of artificial intelligence, informs .

When you create the hologram of the experts used the voice and appearance of the well-known journalist Qiu Hao. Thus, according to the developers, the prototype can be anyone. You must download the program video image of the presenter. The image, facial expressions and gestures are copied exactly.

The authors of the project claim that this will significantly reduce the cost of television content. Virtual host don’t need any makeup, Studio, television and sound engineer. In addition, it can work 24 hours without weekends and holidays.

Earlier it was reported that in Moscow the expert of the personnel Department of one company has become a robot. He selects a summary conducts interviews and predicts the behavior of the candidates. In the decision, the car needs only ten minutes. So the robots run the risk of leaving people without work.