In DND prepare for provocations at the elections

The Ukrainian side is unlikely to miss such an occasion for provocation, as the elections of the DPR head and deputies of people’s Council, which will take place on November 11.

This “Politnavigator” the serviceman told the people’s militia DND Alexey with the call sign “Goodwin”.

He said that the provocations from the Ukrainian side the elections is to be expected.

“This has happened several times, they are constantly provoking us for all holidays and especially an event such as elections in the Republic, they will not pass. I’m sure that will be a provocation,” said Goodwin.

Answering the question about the forecasts of the resolution of the conflict in the Donbass. he said the country will achieve its goals.

“As for the forecast, they will not retreat and we will provoke further. It is one hundred percent. While in power in Kiev, these people, the situation will not change. We have already seen some agreement on the cease-fire they just spit, they weren’t interested. Wait now their elections,” – said the Agency interlocutor.

He also added that he hoped the coming to power in Kiev more than common people, but also did not rule out provocations on the Ukrainian presidential elections in March.

“Provocation is beneficial to all those candidates who are determined to aggression. They will show their militancy, to put us terrorists and try to start a war,” – says Goodwin.

Also yesterday, forces air defense DND was shot down strike unmanned aerial vehicle APU on the memory card which was found video evidence of the use of the Ukrainian drones at civilian objects.