In Egypt, discovered the mummy scarab beetles

В Египте обнаружены мумии жуков-скарабеев

In the course of excavations in Egypt, archaeologists first discovered the mass grave scarabs. Beetles, as was the custom in ancient times was mummified, reports TASS.

Scientists have found 200 mummies beetles in the sanctuary of Bastet, goddess of cats. In one of the sarcophagi were 200 small insects, arranged in three layers one upon the other, the other with two large beetle, wrapped in cloth. In other graves were found the mummified bodies of other animals – more than 200 cats, as well as a few mummies, cobras and crocodiles.

“With the mummies of cats, everything is clear – they are found in the necropolis of the animals beside the Shrine of Bastet, goddess of cats, which was considered the patroness of love, beauty, fun, the hearth and fertility. However, with such burial beetles as mummies we facing for the first time,” said Secretary General of the Supreme Council of antiquities of Egypt Mustafa Vaziri.

According to Vaziri, even in foreign museums have not heard about mummies scarabs – the Egyptians usually limited to charms with their images, and small statues.

Scarabs in Ancient Egypt was considered a symbol of happiness that brings success and prosperity to its owner. People today often use figures of insects as amulets.

Animal worship was rampant in Ancient Egypt, before the age of Roman times. The assumption of the existence of the necropolis of animals put forward in the late XIX century by French archaeologist Jacques de Morgan. To find the mass grave was only now.