In gorzdravotdel commented on the scandal with a dermatologist

В горздравотделе прокомментировали скандал с дерматологом

Head of the Melitopol Department of health protection Larisa Saprykin initiated the audit in respect of a dermatologist and head of the clinic, refused rudely to take the child. Doctors will be punished, but only if his mother will put in a formal complaint and all she said is confirmed.

About the conflict with doctors in social networks was written by the inhabitant of Melitopol Svetlana oleynichenko. Yesterday she brought her son on admission to a pediatric dermatologist to the clinic on Ave B. Khmelnitsky, 46 in the direction of a pediatrician. The boy suspected ringworm, but make him a narrow specialist refused in a rude manner, putting the mother and child out of the room. Their reluctance to take a little patient is motivated by the fact that he came without an appointment. The nearest date on which the child was asked to write to the registry was only after 5 days. Itself the doctor was ready to see the boy and did in 11 days.

For all the outrage the mother responded with rudeness. And was rude to her and the head of the outpatient, which Svetlana complained of the refusal of the doctor to examine the child. The woman remained nothing how to go to the private clinic. About how to free doctors “dynamite” of patients, she wrote on his page on “Facebook”. In a situation already dealt with gorzdravotdel.

According to the head of the Department of health of Saprykinoj Larissa, to arrange a test in relation to doctors and the head of the clinic she can only be the case if the mother of a child will write a formal complaint. Themselves “famous” doctors went into denial.

– I was summoned by a dermatologist and head of the clinic. They say that such a conflict was not. They will write explanatory, but his guilt is not recognized. The child’s mother should write a formal complaint to the gorzdravotdel. As soon as she does, I initiate the check. I note that specialists we do not have enough. On reception to the oculist, the surgeon, the cardiologist and the dermatologist the recording is performed in advance. Pediatric dermatology, question, one the entire city. It is not only patients, but also conducts the professional examinations. I picked up the record yesterday at the reception, it was 39 people, although the child’s mother says that during their visit, not a single person was not. However, no matter how busy the doctor is, nobody cancelled human relations. If the mother and child was refused admission in a rough form, when patients were not, and the doctor, and the head of the outpatient will be punished. Usually in such situations deprive of an award or reprimanding, – said Larisa Saprykin.

Head gorzdravotdela added that a referral to a specialist should give the family doctor or pediatrician. He evaluates the condition of the child. If it is an emergency and the entry in that day to a specialist is impossible, the child will be referred for a consultation in the hospital.