In Kerch there is no money for the protection of Youth and Komsomol parks

В Керчи нет денег на охрану Молодежного и Комсомольского парков

In Kerch the head of the municipality Nikolay Gusakov took part in the meeting of the public Council of the city. At a meeting of invited representatives of the police, who spoke on condition of work in respect of law enforcement. About it reports a press-service of administration of Kerch, reports

“The protection of such facilities as a Youth and Komsomol parks, for example, is not yet allocated. Meanwhile, incidents of vandalism are still many in the city”, – writes a press-service.

According to the Ministry, the municipality initiated the creation of national teams, but the citizens and collectives of large enterprises do not hurry to actively support the idea. Police today 18% understaffed precinct.

“It was decided to establish closer cooperation with the municipal authorities in terms of exchange of information. The administration has been asked to give details of those who painted the facades of the buildings are names of websites selling drugs. They can be published in the media and sue for damages. The most effective method of understanding that their actions disgrace the offenders will have to pay out of pocket. They must identify and the court to recover the amount of the caused damage”, -reports the Agency.