In Kharkov raised the price of staple

В Харькове подняли цены на продукт первой необходимости

From 50 cents to a few hryvnia. The other day Kharkiv residents stunned by the new prices for bread. Products, which are marketed branded kiosks local bakery, rose again.

So, a loaf of “Slobozhanskiy” is already 14 hryvnia, and other smaller loaves – 11-12 UAH, some loaves of white bread reach in price to 16 USD. Kharkiv shocked. Say, after the last price increase “product No. 1” in less than a month and here it is again.

“I just don’t have time for the bread prices. Recently took the baton for 13 hryvnia, is 14. How much can prices rise?”, – outraged pensioner Tamara.

“Recently, prices have raised. Bread became more expensive by about 50 cents. And again? I have a big family: I live with my son, daughter-in-law and two grandchildren. The day we eat a loaf and a loaf. And besides the bread you need something else to the table to buy. For that to live?”, – complains citizen Diana.

However, an interesting fact: bread has risen in price only branded kiosks. In the shops the price is still the old one. However, experts assure, not for long. Like, actively expensive transportation and handling of bakery products.

Increases in the price of “product No. 1” and other regions of Ukraine. During the year, according to the state statistics service, bread basket has risen by 35%.