In Kharkov took control of public transport passengers

В Харькове серьезно взялись за пассажиров общественного транспорта

Trolleybuses and trams of Kharkov were under test. In gortransporta started monitoring traffic flow. About it has informed citizens guide “Trolleybus depot №2”.

So, on all routes appeared relevant ads. It asks all citizens to assist in the work of the staff, who will maintain records. The ultimate goal is to know not only the number of people who use trams and trolleybuses, and at what time there is maximum and minimum load transport. Also, the specialists will count and beneficiaries.

The revision is as follows: before starting the work “audit” the driver warns the passengers that on the line of control. Relying either go to the salon, or become near each door of the trolley at the last stop, and showing the identity, depot staff asking passengers to provide tickets. After the inspectors counted the coupons and enter daily information in the phones. There are making and the number of pensioners and other beneficiaries.

Monitoring in public transport in Kharkov will last until November 19.

But in the state statistics service has estimated the number of passengers who used the Kharkiv public land transport. In particular, from January to September in trams transported 86 million 458,6 thousand passengers, in the bus – 100 million 561,6 thousand.