In Kuzminki broke the roof of the warehouse: the fire covered more than 1000 sq m

PHOTO : urban news Agency “Moscow” / Mobile reporter



In the Moscow district of Kuzminki burn warehouses, reports “WORLD 24”.

According to eyewitnesses, within minutes the fire completely engulfed the roof of the building. Into the sky rose a black smoke.

Rescuers had problems with the entrance to the fire place. The entire area is fenced.

Now firefighters managed to bring the situation under control. Open burning is eliminated. The fire area has made more than thousand square meters.

Previously a large fire occurred at the Moscow refinery in Kapotnya. Burned one of the plants. Torch from the fire rose to a height of 10 meters. Currently, the fire is extinguished. No one was hurt. According to preliminary data, the cause of the fire was a warp in the oven.