In Lviv revealed 72 gambling club

Во Львове выявлены 72 азартных клуба

Employees of regional administrations in Lviv conducted a RAID on the city in search of illegal gambling. About it during session of city Council was announced by the head of the legal Department of the LCC Helena, Pinkevich, reports UNN, citing the press service of the city Council.

In the city were identified 72 gambling club, disguised as a lottery, she said.

“We found the owners of these non-residential premises, sent letters about what activity is occurring there, and recommended to break the lease,” he said Pinkevich.

According to her, the district administration has also compiled a list of the temporary structures, where establishments with slot machines.

Such Kiosks have already counted 5 in the near future should be excluded from the scheme of placing of temporary constructions in Kiev.

“We also sent letters to conduct inspections of these facilities, and the General Directorate of police in Lviv region reported that they had been audited, and now some institutions have instituted criminal proceedings”, – she said.

The results of the tests also informed GU GFS in Lviv region, added Pinkevich.