In Melitopol citizens demanded the recall of the assistant Deputy Danilchenko from the city Council (video)

В Мелитополе горожане потребовали отозвать помощницу нардепа Данильченко из горсовета (видео)

Residents of the electoral district, which oversees in Melitopol the right hand of MP Yevhen Balytsky, the leader of the faction of the opposition bloc Galina Danilchenko, demanding the recall of this Deputy of the city Council for inaction. Such a request they conveyed to the mayor Sergey Minko during a meeting with residents of several houses on Vakulenchuka street and Ave B. Khmelnitsky in the so-called “box”. At a meeting with the mayor came about three dozen people.

Mayor Sergei Minko together with his Deputy, Ivan Fedorov, the head of uzhkkh Alexei Egimbaev came with the inspection of repair works for the local budget funds are held in the yards on Vakulenchuka str., 69, 71, 73 and on the Avenue of Bohdan Khmelnytsky, 81 and 83. In these yards, the roadway is covered with asphalt, paving slabs repaired the approaches to the entrances, the Parking is filling the pockets of waste milling. 720 thousand hryvnias of budgetary funds the government has invested in the improvement of the territory in the current year. However, this work will not end.

Today about 40 million UAH. you need to fully complete the repair of courtyards of multi-storey sector in the city. And if the development budget of Melitopol were slightly stronger we would have coped in 2018. But the development budget is – recently, about 100 million UAH. and they spent everything on repair of internal roads, main streets, beautification of buildings and institutions. And a lot of money, so some citizens have a little patience this works we will finish in 2019 – said the mayor Sergey Minko.

Residents of those yards came on a meeting with the mayor and his Deputy Vladislav Securom, which, in fact, sought the allocation of funds from the budget for repairs. Citizens thanked the mayor and his Deputy because their requests fulfilled.

We the residents of 5 houses grateful for the renovation of courtyards, approaches to entrances, local area. Thank you very much, and we will try to justify your trust, addressed the senior officials on the house.

Mayor Sergei Minko asked residents to continue to report through their Deputy to collect signatures on further problems. And thanked the Deputy for his active position.

– You are lucky with the Deputy Vlad Zakonom. He “gnaws” funds for his district. This is the right Deputy, who must defend the interests of the people who entrusted them with this right. But, unfortunately, not all areas of the MPs. And we correct this situation such departures meetings to communicate with citizens, – said the mayor.

Seizing the moment, the residents of other courts began to enumerate the requests.

But residents of the courts who supervises the Deputy Galina Danilchenko, complained to the city authorities to his Deputy-hooliganism and invited her to withdraw from the city Council.

– On our site ran Danilchenko. It does not appear here does not solve anything. She only smokes! – shouted the pensioners.

– It is possible to revoke it, and instead Danilchenko let us have Rudakova your Deputy? – issued offer residents the “box”.

The mayor explained that, alas, according to the Law to make it impossible. And advised to continue during the election to vote for the person, not advertised on the Central TV party, as in the case of the oppositionist of G. Danilchenko. Further, the five-storey residents of the courtyards had a tour for the mayor, showing him the areas that need repair. The mayor said that part of the work will be done this year, and the lion’s share – in 2019. in addition, Sergiy Minko asked all residents to take an active part in the discussion of the draft budget to all of their requests were included in the year 2019.