In Melitopol the hospital want to raise the cost of food for patients

В Мелитопольской больнице хотят поднять стоимость питания для пациентов

In Melitopol city Council members want to raise the cost of food little patients and their moms at the children’s hospital for 10 UAH. a day. The proposal was vigorously debated at the meeting of the standing budget Committee.

As head of the city health Department Larissa Saprykin, today the cost of four meals a day at the children’s hospital per day is 27,50 UAH. Moreover, eating in the hospital, as children up to 18 years and their mothers. So, last year for the first 10 months of the budget was spent 194 thousand UAH. food 1162 622 children and mothers. For the whole year from the budget allocated 206 thousand. According to Larisa Saprykinoj, patients of children’s hospital are in the best conditions in terms of food, relative to other city hospitals.

In other hospitals the patients are fed by 9.8 UAH.12 UAH. a day. In the hospital – 18 UAH. and infectious children’s ward – by 18.86 UAH. Children’s hospital patients get legs, sausages, liver, milk, condensed milk, sour cream, butter, fresh seasonal vegetables, eggs, fish, mixed (for the smallest). They have Breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner. Now, I for example menu for one day: Breakfast of milk rice and tea. Lunch – buckwheat soup, mashed potatoes, sausage, tea. Afternoon tea – scones and tea, dinner – pasta, cabbage stew and tea, – told Larisa Saprykin.

Deputies from the Self-help Maxim Automatic and Oleg obrezanov reported that they received several complaints from parents who talked about the fact that with the food that their children received at the hospital, the kids can hardly improve their health.

But Deputy Nikolai Pencil listed Larissa saprykinoj the figures and menike couldn’t believe it:

– Yes, how can this be at all? The school is only one lunch for a child beneficiary is to 19.55 UAH. And you have 4 times the food. Can’t be – surprised teacher.

Larissa Saprykin explained that the portions are different, because the age of the children in the hospital are different. It’s in the first place. And secondly, the cost of food in the hospital is not laid cooking services. Because the hospital has its own canteen and cook on rates, continued Deputy mayor Irina Rudakova.

Larissa Saprykin noted that in the case of increasing the power costs 10 UAH., in addition to 261 thousand UAH. the budget will need to include an additional 102 thousand. The deputies decided that this amount is small and they are not fundamentally against it, but asked the head gorzdrava to start to submit the draft decision to the Executive Committee. If the members of the Executive Committee approve the new tariff on food at the children’s hospital, and the amount of additional without problems will be allocated from the budget.

In addition, to the next meeting of the Commission deputies from Self-help’s promised to bring to his colleagues, letters from parents, who complained about the food in the hospital.