In Moscow was opened after restoration the house-Museum of Turgenev

In Moscow after renovation opened the house-Museum of Ivan Turgenev. The building was returned to its historical appearance. 150 personal belongings of the writer, gathered from around the world, included in an extensive exhibition. The uniqueness of the items, including the last lifetime portrait of the writer, appreciated by the correspondent channel “WORLD 24” Anna Derkach.

“In a gray house with white columns, crooked mezzanine and a balcony, there lived a lady,” starts the story “Mumu”. In the mid 19th century Ostozhenka and the truth is not the center of Moscow, and the most that neither is on the outskirts. This house and its inhabitants are the main prototypes of Turgenev’s novels. Lived here and the dog, and the deaf Gerasim, whose life was Andrew. And the old despotic lady is none other than the mother of Turgenev and mistress blossom estates, Varvara Petrovna.

“She was so-called peromance. Loved the flowers planted everywhere, the beds were here and I think we followed Varvara Petrovna here we will have flower beds,” – said the Director of the state Museum of A. S. Pushkin, Andrey Bogatyrev.

Vladimir Putin first inspected the house-Museum after reconstruction. For three years the space has significantly updated. Or to be more precise, on the contrary, had aged, to the extent possible, bring the interior to the historical facts.

I think this frame just fell on the floor from the wall. But really, it is a sound part of the exhibition. Once Ivan Turgenev quarreled with his mother over the inheritance. And she hastily threw a picture of him on the floor and not allowed to clean. A portrait of the beloved son and lay broken months before his birthday.

The anniversary of the writer the Museum has had 150 new exhibits. This just stuff of the era, and items that are touched by the hand of Turgenev. For example, chess solik. Turgenev was an avid chess player, often played by Leo Tolstoy. In this area of the Museum and on the friendship of two writers, and quarrel, and almost come down to a duel.

“It happened because Ivan Sergeyevich tried to take care of Maria Nikolaevna Tolstoy – sister”, – said Andrey Bogatyrev.

The relationship of the writer with women are the subject of separate discussions. He knew many of the “Turgenev’s girl” but loved wholeheartedly one – French singer Pauline Viardot, married and probably happy with the marriage. Turgenev, as he wrote, 40 years lived at the edge of the nest and suffered so much was said about Tolstoy as a person can only with his imagination. Was their relationship real or Platonic – is still a mystery to historians.

“Turgenev in his diary entries he wrote “first kiss, first time with Pauline,” that is, slightly lifts the veil of this mystery” – said the head of the house-Museum of Turgenev’s Elena Polyanskaya.

Viardot, in the opinion of contemporaries, were not even beautiful. At least, not exactly matched to the Turgenev nobleman, two meters tall. This sculpture is now in the yard of the manor – the first monument to the writer in Moscow.

“One of the most widely read authors of his time, he appealed to the feelings and experiences, to real and true values. Because the interest in his writings will always be. Because the works of Turgenev is not only ours, but also the world heritage, which will always be. I am confident that the new landmark has appeared on the map sites capitals, and the house-Museum will serve this noble cause,” said Putin.

Now in Moscow there is not just a Museum – a quarter of Turgenev. In an updated package in addition to the house of the writer came in and gardening area with garden and Park.