In “Naftogaz” recognized the unreality of the plans to stop the “Nord stream-2”

В «Нафтогазе» признали нереальность планов остановить «Северный поток-2»

Save gas transit via Ukraine after the launch of “Nord stream-2” is an empty promise, said a top Manager of “Naftogaz”. To stop the project, the chance is very small, the prospects of the GTS he called “not very positive”

Strategic prospects of the Ukrainian gas transportation system (GTS) “simple, but not very positive”, said the TV channel ZIK, the Executive Director of the company “Naftogaz of Ukraine” Yuriy Vitrenko. According to him, the gas pipeline “Nord stream-2” which goes to Europe bypassing Ukraine, will be built.

“The strategic vision of it is simple, but it is not very positive: to be built the “Nord stream-2”. A very good chance that it will be built. There is a likelihood that it will stop, and we’re working on it, but this is unlikely. Especially considering that the German government supports this project, many European companies, unfortunately, due to outright corruption, support this project. So a very good chance that the “Nord stream-2″ will be built”, – said Vitrenko.

“If it happens – very high probability that the transit of gas through territory of Ukraine is not at all”, he said.

While Vitrenko said that about any promises by German Chancellor Angela Merkel to save the transit of Russian gas through Ukraine he does not know. “Obeschanka-sazanka,” he described the Manager the words of the Chancellor of Germany.

“What is the promise? We have no signed contract. Even if he was, then the contract signed with the Russians, we understand, it is worth nothing. We already know that the Europeans are not willing to give any guarantees”, – said Vitrenko.

However, Vitrenko explained that the main course of action remains “Plna And” – preservation of Russian gas transit through Ukraine. He confirmed that the company is already working on “Plan B”, which Vitrenko said at the beginning of October. It provides for the recovery from Russia of losses for the simple of its gas transportation system. Ukraine estimates the damage at $12 billion, the corresponding claim in international arbitration has been filed, he said then.