In the center of Almaty caught fire three-story building

В центре Алматы загорелось трехэтажное здание

In Almaty, Bostandyk district the fire occurred, reports in the DES city.

A message about the burning of the roof of a three storey building at the address: Bostandyk district, MD. Alatau, St. Ulan, d. 37/d arrived on the panel “101” in 9:33. At the moment the combustion of the attic. Preliminary area – 260 sq. m.

“The first fire brigades arrived to the place of the call four minutes later, at 09:37 hours. The forces and means of working at higher rank of the challenge,” the report says.

To eliminate the fire involved 50 people and 13 units of basic and special equipment of the firefighting Service of Almaty city. To fight the fire on the fire place were two combat area. The ongoing actions will help to prevent the increase in the area of the fire.

According to media reports, in the course of extinguishing the fire was rescued one person, 20 people were evacuated.

According to the latest information, the fire managed to localize.