In the Chelyabinsk region, the incidence of pneumonia by one third higher than last year

В Челябинской области заболеваемость пневмонией на треть выше прошлогодней

In October, the Chelyabinsk region physicians recorded the frequency of pneumonia cases in 52 per 100 thousand population.

This figure is almost one-third (31%) higher than last year’s data and this value is 27% above the average for many years in the incidence of pneumonia in the region.

At the same time decreased the number of cases of pneumonia in children under 2 years. The other age categories have seen an increase in incidence, and, if in adults, the increase is 8%, the increase in schoolchildren and adolescents disastrous – he gave an overall increase of 31%.

In pneumonia develops inflammation in various structures of the lung. This disease can be a complication of another disease or primary disease.

The cause of the disease are various microorganisms, e.g., Staphylococcus, Mycoplasma, microvirus, adenoviruses. The most dangerous is the variant of the viral-bacterial infection.

Pneumonia is a major cause of child mortality.

Risk factors of pneumonia are chronic sore throat, hypothermia or overheating, stress, poor nutrition, weak immune system, wrong mode of the day, the failure of epidemiological regime in the children’s groups, Smoking, alcoholism and others.