In the Kharkiv region has been rough with the old lady

В Харьковской области жестоко обошлись со старушкой

An unpleasant incident took place on 6 December in the city of Izyum, Kharkiv region. As reported in the local police Department, about five o’clock in the evening to the 80-year-old woman knocked at the door by a friendly woman. It was presented by the employee charity Fund and offered to continue the conversation in the kitchen. The old woman agreed and made the guest, while not controlled: lock the front door. While supposedly the benefactor of the palaver pensioner in the house through the open door came two women, and began to search the apartment of valuable things. She heard other sounds, but it was too late: criminals found at her 9 thousand hryvnias. The cries and protests of the grandmother of the thief threatened her with death and quickly left the room, taking the money.

A pensioner wrote a statement to the police. Ill-minded women wanted.

These events happen rarely, according to police. Criminals choose precisely the elderly and are represented by workers of social services that bring seniors allegedly social assistance; sellers of goods; employees of banks who exchange the “old notes” for a new one. There are those who are playing the sympathy card and ask to let in the house, for example, perepelenat child. If trusting the elderly let crooks into the house, we lose valuables and money.