In the Network appeared the recipe antiproteinase working tools

В Сети появился рецепт работающего антипростудного средства

Did you know that in order to boost immunity and protect yourself from diseases you do not need to run to the pharmacy for another dose of vitamins? Enough to know what foods can protect our body in the season of colds.

Dried fruit, honey, nuts, bananas, can help to raise your mood by increasing the levels of serotonin (pleasure hormone) in the body. We should not rush to the pharmacy and drink imename vitamins and means of boosting the immune system, better prepare tasty and healthful treats that will appeal to both adults and kids.

For preparing the wonderful mixture you will need:

200 g dried apricots

200 g raisins

200 g of prunes

3-4 lemon

1 Cup shelled walnuts

1 Cup honey

Method of preparation

Lemons scald with boiling water and remove from them all the bones.

Chop apricots, raisins, prunes, lemons and walnuts with a blender.

Add to this mix the honey and stir well.

Eat this mixture, you need 1 tablespoon half an hour before meals. This yummy not only improve mood, but and colds will save!