In the occupied Donetsk students make threats to go to the pseudo

В оккупированном Донецке студентов угрозами заставляют идти на псевдовыборы

In the occupied Donetsk, the representatives of occupation authorities force students to participate in mock elections. Russian-backed militants saying that otherwise “there will be problems”.

So, one of the students of the Donetsk Polytechnic Institute said that the trade Union Committee of the faculty, they stated the need to visit the “elections”. Otherwise, according to the student, “reprimand” will receive the faculty and the Dean’s office.

“There will be problems at all,” – said the representative of the Union.

In addition, the representative of the Ombudsman in the occupied Donbas Pavlo lysyansky in the comment to the edition confirmed that the local residents are forced to participate in illegal voting.

I do not recognize this election, the choice as such is not there. What’s happening now – people forcibly rounded up to ensure that they participated in the creation and development of an illegal armed formation,

he said.

Lisyansky noted that militants set the terms of turnout at the elections, and their results are already known in advance. According to him, the occupants have to commit a massive turnout.

“In schools and universities, the “public” enterprises to private entrepreneurs came to the so-called intelligence agencies with the requirement to ensure the attendance of these so-called “elections”. Said, if it is not, it will apply measures, in particular threatened with criminal cases,” – said the representative of the Ombudsman.