In the river during the chase, the attackers ran into a police officer

В Днепре во время погони злоумышленники наехали на полицейского

November 9, on the left Bank of the Dnieper river patrol chased the Skoda car in which were three people suspected of robbery, the press service of the regional Department of the national police.

A patrol noticed a suspicious car Skoda on Slobozhansky Avenue and asked to stop, but the driver ignored the demand and tried to escape. According to police, he repeatedly broke traffic rules and created an emergency situation on the road. In the garage cooperative on Chestnut attackers changed the numbers on the Ukrainian Lithuanian. Some time later, Skoda was again observed at the Baikal. To catch the possible offenders sent all available crews. Police used the weapons after the driver of the car, which tried to escape the suspects, made arrival on one of the patrol.

In addition, as reported in a press-service of regional management of national police, while in pursuit of a bodily injury received another militiaman.

A car with a damaged wheel was stopped, and the fugitives were arrested.

As it became known, the police received operational information that arrived in Ukraine two citizens of Georgia 32 and 42 years of age, who are suspected of involvement in a series of crimes – robberies, robberies and burglaries in the territory of Dnipropetrovsk and other regions of the country.

The detainees were taken to the police station, they face a criminal responsibility for resisting law enforcement, up to five years in prison.