In the US, police rescued a driver from a burning car (VIDEO)

PHOTO : Department of Homeland Security / Author not known


In the North-Eastern United States, in new Jersey, police rescued a driver from a burning car, reports channel “MIR 24”.

Two police officers saw that the car caught fire after colliding with a road barrier, and the driver blocked. His door was located close to the bump. The situation was complicated by the fact that the man after a blow and lost consciousness.

With every second the flame was getting stronger, but to free the captive from the burning car could not manage. Finally managed to get him out in front. It happened the moment before the fire completely engulfed the car.

Soon the driver came to, serious injuries have not been discovered.

Earlier, the passengers of a bus in the Philippines was almost buried under a pile of rocks on a mountain road. The time of the collapse of the mountainside took the phone one of the passengers. The footage shows how the mountain first fell down the huge stones, then along with the ground fell uprooted trees. The bus could not avoid the danger zone, and the driver began to back up. As a result of the tragedy was avoided, the bus drove around the debris the other way.