In Ukraine returned to the purchasing trends of the 90s: about buying a car, you can forget

В Украину вернулись покупательские «тренды» 90х годов: про покупку авто можно забыть

Ukrainian market of consumption of non-food items in 10 statistical years has undergone significant changes in the priorities of purchases that did this entire period, the Ukrainian buyers

Such a study on their page Facebook wrote the Chairman of the Association of retail suppliers Oleksiy Doroshenko with reference to sales analysis.

nonfoods the structure of retail trade turnover of enterprises in Ukraine, which was held by the Association.

Based on this analysis, the interest of Ukrainians is now directed for “daily bread”, that is, goods which, in 2008, the demand was relatively small.

Then, 10 years ago, according to the study, the average Ukrainian spent more money cars, and everything that is attached to this product than, for example, clothes, medicines, cosmetics.

The share of expenses of Ukrainians for products is 40% and non-food products – 60% – says Alexey Doroshenko.

These indicators are the proportion of total retail sales of goods and products. At the same time, statistics does not take into account the trade that goes through physical persons-entrepreneurs.

“In 2008, the sales leader was cars and cars, which took 18% of Ukrainians. Gasoline was 11%, diesel fuel-less than 5% for pharmaceutical products is 5%, on building materials-4%. Audio – and video equipment was delayed for 3% of the costs of home appliances – also at 3%, perfumes and cosmetics – 2% chemicals – 1.2%, for footwear – by 1% and computer equipment – at 1%” – the expert said, characterizing the consumer market that existed 10 years ago.

Statistics show that in 2017, ten years later, sales hit are pharmaceutical products with a share of over 9%. That is, in ten years, these products increased their share by almost two times.

Cars and cars has reduced its specific gravity more than doubled, accounting for 8% of retail sales. Gasoline has reduced its share also nearly doubled and is just over 6% of retail sales. The cost of diesel fuel practically have not changed.

Relatively large steel spending on consumer electronics and audio and video that increased its share by 0.5% to 3.3%, and 0.2% to 3.2%.

Doroshenko notes that for ten years in 2,5 times has increased its share of compressed and liquefied gas for vehicles and its share in 2017 is calculated to be 2.3%.

Almost 2.5 times increased sales of clothing and its share is 2%.

According to the analysis, three times less than in Ukraine began to buy books, Newspapers and magazines: in 2008 their share was 0.9%, and in 2017 – by 0.3%.

The study period includes 2008-2017, that is, the last 10 years.

By the way, it should be noted that fuel for Ukrainian cars will soon be cheaper.Were situational problems with the supply of liquefied gas and diesel fuel in recent weeks.

“Problems with the supply of gas and diesel fuel have been associated with several reasons. First, increased demand as liquefied natural gas, is in Ukraine, only motor fuel, and in Poland, for example, is primarily fuel oil. It is used for CHP. The demand in Russia for the same purpose. Similarly, the demand in the Baltic States”, – noted the Director of the scientific-technical center Gennady Ryabtsev, evaluating the prices of the petrol and diesel fuel.

He said that in a free market volumes and prices went up, so last month almost UAH price added.

В Украину вернулись покупательские «тренды» 90х годов: про покупку авто можно забыть

В Украину вернулись покупательские «тренды» 90х годов: про покупку авто можно забыть