In Voronezh roofers again glorified the Stalin’s skyscraper

В Воронеже руферы вновь прославили сталинскую высотку

Teens still not enough to make a spectacular self and, simultaneously, to the thrill. The conservation of its own life, they seem little at this care.

In Voronezh roofers again glorified the Stalin’s skyscraper. They decided to carry out his “drive” on Sunday, November 4th.

It was then that the inhabitants of the city noticed in the star that crowns the design of the spire building, located on Devitskaya away, two people.

Many of them seen just scared. The position of young people, situated at a height and not used the insurance, was very relaxed.

Visitors local social networks have already been wondering, can there easily get. As it turned out, for that is free access.

Concerned citizens living in the Voronezh already asked the question, isn’t it time the city administration to stop the potential for dangerous amusement roofers which are in the city are fixed already not for the first time. Before trouble-that’s really close by.

However, other users admire the courage and skill of their peers. Some said that thinking about the repetition of such a “feat”.

Earlier skyscrapers in Voronezh roofers already secured the flag “Jolly Roger” and the symbols of several gaming movements.