Instagram and the world of instatoueurs

Instagram et le monde des instatoueurs

Photo: Miguel Schincariol Agence France-Presse
There is nothing surprising that photos of body, athletes, models or tattooed take an important place on Instagram, which brings together over 800 million users sharing every day 100 million photos and 4 billion “likes”.

Most glamorous and effective as Facebook, Instagram brings together tattoo artists from around the world. This community is very active sharing his creations, but also increases the number of its customers.

The tattoo artists formed on the social network Instagram a community at large, finding an ideal platform to highlight their style, in order to attract new customers and to communicate between them. With 800 million users who share every day 100 million photos and 4 billion ” likes “, Instagram, neat and more clear that Facebook, is also more intimate. It is no surprise that the photos of the body, athletes, models or tattooed, take an important place.

The success is such that some, the image of Maxime Büchi, and its profile TTTism, list the most beautiful creations, creating a kind of group influence, offering his expertise and sharing his visibility. “On this particular profile, it does not have millions of subscribers,” says the tattoo artist, founder of studio Blue Blood in London. But speaking of tattoo artists, it is key to a secondary network of professionals, ultra-active at all levels. “

This efficiency, Jack Watts, 29, who works at Blue Blood, is convinced : “This is an irreplaceable method to meet artists who inspire me, but who sometimes live thousands of kilometres away. Before the explosion of Instagram, I wrote letters and I sent the drawings printed. What I continue to do so. But it is clear that the immediacy of the network brings us closer and makes people more accessible. “

Influence on the style

Fall in love with the designs of a tattoo artist and discover that it works in Hawaii can be a little frustrating. The social network takes on the role of facilitator : “I am very active in the conventions, for which the tattoo artists have always had the habit of traveling. But with Instagram, you can get in touch with a guy anywhere, and invite them to work a few days in his studio, it’s crazy ! “

An enthusiasm shared by his colleague, Dan Felton. If he believes that he follows a thousand of tattoo artists on Instagram, he insists on the fact that a hundred of them have become friends. “It really is a community. Before, it was hoped that they would have a little bit of time you devote to talk to you in a convention. “

The following as many of the other piercers was there an influence on his style ? “Yes, that is for sure, there is stuff on the way to work, color palettes. “But the sharing of expertise has its limits. “We don’t give a lot of advice, it is a rather closed, where it is necessary to know how to protect… “

It is an irreplaceable means to meet artists who inspire me, but who sometimes live thousands of kilometres away

— Jack Watts

Ruby Quilter, 26 years old, tattoo since she was 20 years ago. For this London-based also, the fact of spending hours on Instagram has influenced his style : “I look at a lot of photos of tattoos. I think it induces a competition at the same time as an emulation and force people to distinguish themselves. “Unlike most accounts of the tattooers, the young woman continues to put himself in the scene, not only in stories but also in her photos. “In my opinion, it is important to show a bit of his personality. I think it reassures customers that it can help to imagine how will the session. “

Hang the client

Master of teaching and research in communication sciences at the University of Fribourg, and Bruno Asdourian observes that if Ruby was posting initially only parts of his body tattooed, it now shows as a whole, in a way that inspires confidence, an important aspect of the relationship between the tattooist and his or her future model. And a strategy that may also prove to be effective commercially. “The approach to stage and show off her studio enables you to better identify his style of life. All of a sudden the clients can identify with it. “The tatoueuse abounds in this sense. “Everything is advertising today. The attention of internet users is very moving. It is necessary to do everything to hang on. “

Dan Felton recalls that before the advent of social networks, the people who were going in a tattoo studio discovered the drawings often for the first time. “There was still a stigma of the tattoo. A good part of the job was to reassure the clients. Today, the majority of them are familiar with what I’m doing, they know exactly what they want. I have to explain to them what it is possible to do or not. This can get complicated with those who have the impression to be experts because they spend a lot of time on Insta ! “

On the other hand, the network offers a huge advantage for foreign customers. More need necessarily to take a plane ticket to San Francisco to take advantage of the talents of a particular artist, they have gained mobility. “After a while, you may have exhausted the potential in the region where you work, continuing to Jack Watts. With Instagram to form an international community of people who love your style. And when you go to work elsewhere, you fill your calendar quickly. “

To take care of his image

This also means that, in order to take care of his image, the staging of the photos can take a long time. “Personally, I use a good camera. I then edited my photos to correct colors, ” says Ruby Quilter. This is important, because the blacks look purple or pink because of the blood that forms immediately after the session. It is necessary that the tattoo resembles as closely as possible to what it will give in real life. And then I also do a few stories in the video, which I will post at the end of the day, here in London, so as to reach the most possible american customers. “

“There was actually a diversion from the basic function of Instagram, confirms Melissa Baudrillart, assistant to the MediaLab of the University of Geneva. We see today that this platform, like Facebook, takes a turn commercial, now offering the ability to display clickable links. For a short time, bloggers can tag the objects that they carry. This allows people that are interested to directly access the websites of the brands. For the services, as in the case of the studios of tattoo, it is even more simple… “

Stephane Devidal officiates in Lausanne, at 242, and Blue-blooded Zurich. He takes this aspect of its work with relaxation. “My only communication passes through Insta, where are all my customers. In the past few months, I noticed that my account works less well, apparently because of the new algorithm put in place since the acquisition of the platform by Facebook. For now, it runs, but I hesitate to pay a commercial for improve my visibility. “

This former student of Fine Arts, points out that, if the network allows you to find a family of artists, ” it can also undermine morale. One can have the feeling of having done a poor job if it does not collect hundreds of “likes”. And then he should know to leave his or her screen. The inspiration comes from everywhere. Instagram, it is very good. This is not for that that he should stop and immerse themselves in the books and visit the museums ! “