Internal clock: what time of day burns the maximum calories

Внутренние часы: в какое время суток сгорает максимум калорий

Scientists have established a time of day when the body burns the most calories. It was not the morning and early evening.

The metabolic rate in such periods is that the body can “burn” up to five excess calories, or half a gram of fat per hour.

The minimum number of calories expended in the second half of the night, that is approximately from four to six o’clock in the morning, according to

But it is important to understand that our bodies are not oriented at a specific time, and your biological clock. Metabolic rate is directly linked to circadian rhythms.

British researchers conducted an experiment with a group of volunteers who were asked to spend a few days in a lab without Windows. People temporarily confiscated watches and phones, so they couldn’t determine what time it is.

Three people lived on a normal schedule and have the seven time of sleep every day shifted by four hours.

It turned out that people spend the maximum amount of calories when their biological clock has reached the second half of the day and early evening, although no additional actions they did not commit. The actual time did not matter.

It proves once again that in everyday life, it is useful to follow a certain schedule. After all, if we are going to have Breakfast at a time when the body stores calories and starve when he spends them, it is no good for the shape (and overall health) is not over.

Previous studies have also shown that disruption of natural rhythms, including night work, leads to weight gain. When the lack of sleep the body begins to store additional resources in the form of fat, while saving on power to the muscles.