It is estimated the expenses of Russians on New year

Подсчитаны расходы россиян на Новый год

The celebration of the New year Russians will spend in average 16.9 thousand rubles. This is evidenced by the results of the study of Deloitte “New year and Christmas – 2019”, reports the newspaper “Vedomosti”.

According to experts, in December last year, Russia was ready to allocate from the family budget 17600 rubles for gifts and Christmas table. While actual expenses amounted to about 16,000 rubles. This year the Russians plan to spend an average of 16.9 thousand rubles.

About 50% of this amount will be spent on food and drink over 40% on gifts and the rest on entertainment. Food retailers and their suppliers have shared with the publication forecasts that the sales growth before the New year will be a maximum of a few units percent.

The most welcome gifts, according to Deloitte, steel, Finance, travel, smartphones, perfumes. In different regions of the wishes are different: the residents of St. Petersburg are dreaming about books, in the South of Russia – on products in “health and beauty”, in Yekaterinburg – about electronics. Least increased the demand for low cost gifts and toys. With 80% of women and 74% of men plan to make gifts to themselves.

Previously, researchers found that more than half of employers in Russia do not plan to give employees bonuses for the year.