Japan has banned Chinese phones Huawei and ZTE. What is that threat?

Япония запретила китайские телефоны Huawei и ZTE. Что в них такого опасного?

This is fantastic!

Use smartphones Huawei and ZTE? And you are sure of their safety?

Japan decided to ban the use of phones of these brands due to concerns about cybersecurity, says GMA News Online.

This step is a response to a request from the USA on the limitation of the number of smartphones Huawei I.

Phones can contain a virus used for cyber attacks.

But Japan in this matter wants to find a balance so as not to spoil relations with China. Final decision will be made on December 10.

The US has long suspected China espionage. Earlier they detained Meng Wanzhou, CFO of Huawei.

Huawei also denied the construction of 5G networks in Australia and New Zealand.

What do you think, do these phones threat?

Marta Oliynyk.