Johnny Manziel will be the quarter starting Alouettes vs. Tiger-Cats

Johnny Manziel sera le quart partant des Alouettes contre les Tiger-Cats

Photo: Graham Hughes The canadian Press
Johnny Manziel, acquired by the Alouettes in a trade with the Tiger-Cats from Hamilton, will make his debut in the CFL against his former team.

Johnny Manziel will make his debut in the canadian football League. Mike Sherman believed that the journalists assigned to the coverage of the Alouettes had understood.

“Yes, we will have one starting Friday. I would have hoped that you would have guessed before I do you the announcement. I have given you enough clues to training, but I wonder if you look at it, sometimes. Yes, John will begin the match, has launched the coach in montreal. I announce it [Tuesday], because I don’t want to have to answer this question [Wednesday]. I have given you the opportunity to identify it. I thought you were smarter than that ! “

Thus, Manziel, as the Alouettes have acquired Tiger-Cats of Hamilton, will make his debut in the CFL against his former team.

“It is good to be back on the field, said the quarter after the training session on Tuesday. What I most missed in recent years, is taking a rehearsal. You saw that in the last few days, I was able to train with the first unit. I feel fortunate to be back in this position. “

“I’m more comfortable. I see good things, but I’m trying to refine my game. I’m still learning and I hope to be able to take advantage of the fact that I will endure the defense that I’ve seen most often since I play in this league. “

The Tiger-Cats have traded Manziel to the Alouettes, on the 22nd of July, in the company of the offensive lineman Tony Washington and the Canadian Landon Rice in return of receiver Chris Williams, defensive lineman part and parcel, Westerman and first-round draft 2021 and 2022.

Manziel made headlines across North America in may when he signed a two-year contract with the Tiger-Cats.

The Cleveland Browns selected the winner of the Heisman trophy back in 2012 in the first round — 22nd overall — in the draft of 2014, but he was laid off in march 2016 after two seasons rushing.

Nothing against Adams

The promotion of Manziel is not intended as a disavowal to the place of Vernon Adams ‘ son, who has started the game lost 44-23 at the hands of the Edmonton Eskimos last Thursday, said Sherman.

“We have made the transaction for Johnny, for obvious reasons, but I’ll tell you this : Vernon had a good game Thursday. I found that he had given us a good chance of winning the meeting, but we will entrust the ball to Johnny on Friday. This is what he came here to do and that is why we went looking for it. […] Vernon understands the situation. “

“We all knew he did not come here to watch games from the bench, for his part, said Adams. He had to learn the book of games and, now, he’s going to play. I knew it was coming. I’ll be there to lend a helping hand. We are all going to help him. Everyone lives with this decision. “

These words of Adams are different from those he delivered to The Press + on Monday. Adams said blame the supporters of the Alouettes, who have chanted ” We want Johnny “, at the meeting last week. It has nuanced its about 24 hours later.

“It certainly bothered me. But I also talked about under the grip of emotion, he added. I must better manage my emotions. I would never disrespect the supporters of the Alouettes. I want to also apologize to them. “

“It is emmerdant, because I thought I had well enough done. I don’t know if I were or were coaches, but it bothered me and I reacted with emotion. […] I realize now that this was not directed towards me. “

The veteran centre Luc Brodeur-Jourdain believes not that we should blame the young quarterback to have delivered his state of soul.

“To question frank, frank answer, he imaged. I think that, from the point of view of the player, when you screw up something of this kind, it is quite an experience. […] To think that, at the point where it was in the game, change the quarter-to-back for a guy who was there for two, three days we could do a rise of twenty points, it would have been a play of chance. “