Kharkiv schools and kindergartens will be equipped with special devices

Харьковские школы и детсады оборудуют специальными приборами

Heads of educational institutions of Kharkov obliged to ensure an appropriate temperature in urban schools.

In the near future, forecasters predict a decrease in temperature, and this can adversely impact on the microclimate of educational facilities.

Experts of the regional Department of Gospodarevskaya ordered to provide Kharkiv schools and kindergartens, a thermometer, and strictly control the temperature in the premises conform to the norms.

“Failure to comply with certain sanitary regulations of the temperature regime can have a negative impact on the health of children, so, if necessary, is timely to stop the educational process”, – reported in the state foods and consumer service.

Thus, according to the norms approved by the Ministry of health, the temperature in the rooms where there are organized children’s collectives, should be:

In groups of kindergartens + 19-23 ° C, in the premises of the pool + 29-30 ° C, in the halls of the music lessons and physical education + 18-19 ° C, in the premises, which occupy the angular position or in the side of the building – not less than + 21 ° C.

In the school classrooms and offices +17-20 ° C, in the workshops – 16-18 ° C, in sports halls – 15-17 ° C, in the locker room with them – 19-23 ° C in the auditorium – 17-20 ° C, in the library – 16-18 ° C, in medical offices – from 21 to 23 ° C, recreations and 16-18 ° C, sleeping quarters – 18-20 ° C, in washing – 20-23 ° C, in the lobby, the closet -16-19 ° With, in the toilets – 17 to 21 ° C, in the shower – not below 25 ° C.