Known by the war correspondent admitted to the clinic of neuroses after the horrors of the war in Donbass

Известный военкор ложится в клинику неврозов после ужасов войны в Донбассе

Known by the war correspondent and poet Anna Dolgareva said that admitted to the clinic of neurosis. One of the reasons was the psychological trauma after working on the war in the Donbass.

“On Wednesday I go to the clinic of neurosis on Vasilevsky. The fatigue of the last months, plus the Donbass PTSD. I worked there as a war correspondent for three years, and now they suddenly crept up,” – said the journalist in his blog.

“I’m on the pill, waiting for admission.I’m quite blunt and sometimes ask me to repeat the same things three or four times. I write rambling, I think, the lyrics (chief Alex praises, but I can see that it is painful to attempt to formulate a simple idea). If I went to the doctor a week earlier, it would be much easier.

Now at least I can sleep and already it’s better than a week ago when I woke up at four in the morning with a sense of painful anxiety out of the blue,” says Dolgareva.

She encourages to not be afraid to enlist the help of physicians.

“Please, don’t be afraid of psychiatrists. Our psychiatry Department is not punitive… Please contact your doctor if you find that you mentally bad,” encourages Dolgareva.