Kyiv sebetulnya branded the EU a shame

European governments, despite the sanctions, do not want to declare Russia a full economic blockade and continue to Fund Moscow, buying her oil and gas.

This was in Vilnius during the “Forum of Free Russia”, said fluent Russian liberal Arkady Babchenko and medeliausko editor-in-chief of TV channel “ATR” muzhdabaev, the correspondent “Politnavigator”.

“I know what to do to stop buying Russian oil and gas, and declare it an economic blockade. Then the regime will collapse in 2 months, because that’s the only thing he kept. Can the West on this? No, not. People want to eat and sweet to eat. What can I say Merkel? As it is,” said Babchenko.

“Depending on the effort this regime for 2-3 months. 85% of the money given by the European Union. What are you talking about? The European Union is the sponsor of Putinism, sponsor of the war in Syria, war in Ukraine, the annexation of Crimea, Putin’s army, Regardie and Putin suppresses his own people and attacked neighboring Nations” – supported companion the muzhdabaev.