LI Woman Refuses to Give Up 9-Year Fight to Save Home Damaged in Sandy – NBC New York

A Lengthy Island girl is operating out of time to save the house she’s spent years making an attempt to rehabilitate since Superstorm Sandy struck.

Doina Almazon’s Hicksville home was gutted to the studs almost 9 years in the past and ending the job has been an uphill battle with the property locked up in authorized fights.

“I was offered a buyback at the very beginning and my little one said, ‘Mommy, I want to have a house,'” she stated.

Superstorm Sandy triggered an influence surge at her home that broken the boiler. Almazon was ready for insurance coverage cash to change it, nevertheless it did not come in time. That February her pipes froze, damaging many of the home.

“Never in my wildest imagination would I think that I’d still be displaced after nine years. It destroyed my life. I don’t have anymore pension money… because I was living off of that, paying rents, paying for storage,” she stated.

Almazon is suing her insurance coverage firm for the cash to repair the home, however on the identical time, her home was foreclosed and now the city of Oyster Bay needs to tear it down, saying it is not protected for residing.

“I think it’s because I’m a woman and they don’t think I know anything,” stated Almazon.

Demolition was averted Monday because the city critiques the case.

“Though attorneys are reviewing the case as soon as once more, neighbors have endured this eyesore of a property for 9 years. Whereas we really feel horrible for anybody in this case, the very fact stays that the home was foreclosed upon by the financial institution after failure to make mortgage funds and pay property taxes,” a city spokesperson stated.

Almazon stated she’s interesting the foreclosures, however the city says the home is already on the public sale blocl.

“I think this is taking our home, which is the only home I have. I’m struggling, my health has deteriorated and nobody should go through this,” Almazon stated.

It is not clear how a lot time Almazon has, however whatever the delays she does not understand how to give you the $500,000 wanted to repay the financial institution.

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