Liberals and caquistes promise a campaign “positive”

Libéraux et caquistes promettent une campagne «positive»

Photo: Graham Hughes The canadian Press
Philippe Couillard spoke to a crowd gathered in the framework of the congress of the young liberals, in Montreal, on Saturday night.

The heads liberal and caquiste Philippe Couillard and François Legault have not waited for the outbreak of a general election, the 23 August, to deliver a first promise. The election campaign will be “positive,” they both testified Sunday.

No personal attacks on “character or personality” and no reference to the privacy : in the margins of a political mission in Vermont, the prime minister Philippe Couillard went so far as to “set the terms” of a campaign is positive, focusing on ” concrete proposals “.

“But it is not true that the policy has not also an element of adversarial debate “, he immediately added.

“I’m sure […] that Mr. Legault will criticize some of our policies. Is it that I can, I also criticize some of its proposals when they are in contradiction or have a certain lack of consistency ? “, he asked.

Shawinigan, where he held a caucus with its candidates have been announced, the chief caquiste, François Legault, has made the same type of commitment, not without shoot an arrow in the direction of the director of media relations for the prime minister. “You’ve seen the attacks. Take a look at […] Charles Robert ; I don’t know if he sleeps at night, but just about every ten minutes, it sends a negative thing [on Twitter], ” he said in a press conference.

Behind its air of “great sage,” Philippe Couillard approved videos, websites, and other “advertisements negative” taking on the team caquiste, added François Legault.

“You must earn [the] trust by ignoring the campaigns, the negative of our opponents. We must earn that trust by going to see the Quebecers, with our ideas, with our team, ” he continued.

A long campaign

These ideas, the various parties will have 39 days to present to Quebecers. In front of a crowd gathered to celebrate the end of the congress of the young liberals in Montreal, Philippe Couillard announced on Saturday that he had chosen to use the maximum number of days of campaign, as authorized by law.

“I immediately found that the number of days of the campaign was quite low “, he explained. The pause of the party of Labour and the requirement to travel in the metropolis for three televised debates did not leave enough time for the liberal leader to present his “concrete commitments” in the regions of Quebec, he argued.

So much the better, replied in turn to his opponents pq members, caquistes and solidarity. They are all said to be “ready” to do battle with the liberal troops, who begin the campaign with a slight disadvantage on the CAQ in the polls. “One has the opportunity to make history,” pointed out François Legault in Shawinigan, repeating that there was ” nothing for granted “.

“The risks [of a long campaign], is that there is a lack of cohesion “, he nonetheless recognized. “But there is not, lack of cohesion,” he quickly added.

Philippe Couillard was kept to confirm the rumor to the effect that he has chosen a long campaign for better tripping his opponents — and in particular François Legault. “If their policies are not as strong as ours, this is what can happen [that they stumble]. What I can control, it is the strength of our proposals “, he said.

With Marco Bélair-Cirino

For the ” artistic freedom “

The liberal premier, Philippe Couillard, objected Saturday to a proposal by the youth wing of his party, which wanted to link the grant of the cultural field to the representation of “minority communities” and indigenous people. “I resist a lot to the idea of the State-a judgment on a work of art “, he said. “I believe that artistic freedom, it is fundamental. “A few hours earlier, members of the youth Commission of the liberal Party adopted — not without passionate debate — a proposal” urging the Corporation de développement des entreprises culturelles and the Conseil des arts et lettres du Québec to adopt a process of granting more rigorous in order to encourage producers and writers to be more inclusive of minority communities and Indigenous people “in artistic productions,” which relate to their cultural and historical traditions “.